How we work for you?

First we learn about your needs, expectations and conditions – then everything starts to flow.

We are docile and curious. We know our thing, but a collaboration begins with learning from you. We listen, note and see your needs as well as your circumstances.

On the one hand, digital work is our thing, but we are happy to start the relationship with meeting you.

From the first meeting, we lead you into our world of simplified administration, tools and contact paths that allow you to always reach your finances, HR and salary details on your terms.

A hard work on our part, we do it to simplify your working life.


We start of with a meeting where we go over your business needs and generals goals. We can of course host the meeting via a digital conference as we work independently of location. In that case we save some carbon dioxide particles, but a physical meeting is always enjoyable. Based on the analysis, we can move on to give you suggestions on customized packages.

Together we adjust this
before we move on to
next phase.


As soon as the agreement is signed, which, of course is done digitally with mobile Bank-ID our coordinator takes over.

The coordinator makes sure that everything we need is collected. We will contact any previous consultant or agency, all to make the transition as smooth as possible. If need be, we will also contact all your suppliers and update them in regard of for example your new invoice address.


As we start our collaboration, DKR's coordinator will go through the routines that we have established. We also review the digital platform that will simplify our communication and joint monitoring.

Most things can actually be done directly from your phone. How smoothly!


No questions are silly questions. We will only be happy if to hear from you.

It is always safer to go through support and advice before going to action than afterwards. It is also usually a lot mor cost effective to jointly draw up a plan before than after.

We are here for you!

Always curious

We are constantly looking for new contacts to cut administrative time. Do you know someone you want to help by telling us about? Or have you discovered a smart tool that you think we should consider incorporating into our service?

Feel welcome to tell us!

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