What is DKR?


What is DKR?

Competence and a passion for administration

Hook up with an administration that works in silence as everything flows on – and near you and your management when needed.

Accounting and bookkeeping, of course. And furthermore, real-time reporting, salaries, and financial management.

With our HR package you get quick and personalized legal advice from our experts.


We have completely left the traditional way of bookkeeping and are now completely paperless. Through our digital platform, both we and not least you can access everything you need from your computer and phone.


With us you get salary administration, advice and outsourcing of the entire function of salaries. Performed by experienced specialists in all types of union agreements. The payroll service includes our cloud-based platform, HRM, with its app. Nice for you – and not least your employees.

Human Resource and personel

Many HR-related issues are delicate and difficult to handle. With our HR package you will get quick, personalized and reliable legal advice from our experts.

We also help develop routines and processes needed to attract and retain talents. For example, we have completed on- and offboarding processes.

Financial management

We want you, being a board member and leader of your organization, to  be able to engage in what is most important for your association. We take care of the administrative burden.


What does your numbers say?

Relax, we got this, and we report as well as follow up on an ongoing basis – based on the needs of your organisation and in the way you wish us to.

With our easy-to-use reporting tools you can easily get an overview as well as thoroughly zoom in on the detailed numbers.  

Together, we regularly review outcomes and future estimates.

Data is oxygen, the more of your administration you hand over to us, the lighter our steps as we run your numbers.