Why DKR exist

About us & our vision

Why DKR exist?

Everything should just be a flow

In recent years a lot has changed in the fields of accounting, administration, HR and payroll services. Data transfer between systems is way easier, the user experience so much more intuitive – and this is just the beginning.

Development you may have read about about or heard in seminars. All that is our everyday life these days and we are eager to share it with you. We package a complex host into a simple service.

Our vision is simple and we think you’ve already snapped it up. A more comfortable working life and time over to the important things in life.

We vision the hardest part of our work to be invisible to you. We no not expect you to think much about that. In the contrary, we are passionate about streamlining administration and putting more focus on being a smooth and enjoyable part of our customers’ working lives.

So that you get more time left over for the important things in life.

With us you get accounting, of course. And also real-time reporting, salaries, financial management and administrational support in general. With our HR package you get quick and personalized legal advice from our experts.

We are a partner who has time to listen to you and reflect. We can act in quiet, or at hand, close to you and your management when needed.

We run our services completely digitally and paperlessly through the market’s most sophisticated systems, with high competence and personal service.

Inspirational for us.

For you, this means that everything you need is in your computer or phone. A reassurance and nice to know, but you very rarely need to log in to do any actual work yourself.


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Better quality of life

Since the arrival of the smartphone, many of us have in some ways become slaves to the technology. The technology that would help us simplify everyday life has instead started to take more of our time.

That was never anyones intention.

The digitization and automation of the administrative routines should free up time and leave more room for what is really important to you.

Whatever is most precious to you, we want to make sure you have more time for it. That is how we se our role. This is exactly what gets us out of bed in the morning and pushes us the extra mile. We want to give you, and frankly our selfies to, a better quality of life.

Why are the honeycombs hexagonal?

Bees wants to get a lot of work done and has found the smartest way.

Why is the company named DKR?

The company was founded by Daniel Klasson who still works operationally in the business. Not only as CEO, but also with project management in digitalisation of finance, payroll and HR systems.

It was when Daniel moved to Stockholm that the inherent entrepreneur began to think. Daniel had moved to the capital to work in both aviation and accounting, With his experience from aviation, in part as a stewart Daniel thought that the time was right to give this market a new kind of partner. Daniel Klasson Redovisning (Accounting) became the company name and a new journey began.

Since the takeoff, a goal has been to work with talented people. Skilled employees who surprise and encourage each other to reach further, colleagues who together form what DKR is today.

The whole business concept is based today in one simple thought.

Free up time for the most important things.

That is, when you think of it, the finest gift we as consultants can give you.

Then we say time, we mean both working hours and leisure time, both for clients and to a certain extent even the employees of our own organisation. Why not?

By constantly working for smarter solutions, simplification of administration and faster access to up-to-date information.

Since the inception, we have digitized the finances and HR support of numerous organizations and moved existing systems into fully digital management in the cloud.

Would you like to move more energy and attention in developing your business and competence? Your family or your interests?

Then you should really think about working with us.

We will never be satisfied, there is always more time to win for what you would rather like to do.