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About DKR and our vision


In recent years a lot has changed in the fields of accounting, administration, HR and payroll services. We are excited, and this is just the beginning. Our mission is to trim administration to a flow that allows you to a more  comfortable working life and time won over to the important things in life.



Hook up with a proficient and dedicated consulting organization, with an administration that works unobtrusively – or hands on when needed. Accounting and bookkeeping, of course. And furthermore, real-time reporting, salaries, and financial management. With our HR package you get quick and personalized legal advice from our experts.

The method


We set up your digital workflow and lead you into our world of simplified administration.

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Our business cards may suggest titles such as an Authorized Accounting Consultant. But what we do together, and for you is pure service. We love e-mails and you can always reach us at [email protected]

You can always reach us at and [email protected]

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Hi clients

What do you do with your newly won time?

6 very good reasons to buy business administration at DKR. To buy time simply. We who work at DKR constantly strive for this - and to streamline our own work for you. So that we also have more time.

I started training the 9-year-old's soccer team. Kl. 16-17 - it did not work for us before, but so wonderful to now share an interest with the daughter.

Now we can work part-time on pte project to finally develop our own new product in addition to customer assignments. Will provide a whole new source of revenue next year.

I have always wanted to try golfing, but it felt wrong to throw away several hours from the family after all the work. Now my son and I are taking a green card together.

I was watching the closing of the books from our sailing holiday.

Now we have time to extend the family with a new member. Welcome Roffe.

We have finally started a half-day product development every Friday afternoon.

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What would you do if you had more time?

We would love to help you. You never know, maybe we can help you get more time.

Daniel Klasson, founder and managing director

DKR Klimatrapport

Vad skulle du göra om du hade mer tid?

Vi skulle älska att hjälpa dig. Man vet aldrig, kanske kan vi hjälpa dig att få loss mer tid.

Daniel Klasson, grundare och vd